About Kim Soyean

Kim Soyean (aka Mr Yean, pronounced "EEAN", or Kim Yien) was our tuk tuk driver in Cambodia – he made our trip so magical and hassle free, that now he’s become a friend.   Since then, I’ve recommended him to many friends who have never been left down.  Hence, this website is to connect you to Soyean, so you too can benefit from his local knowledge, humble service, and tuktuk driving abilities.
Soyean speaks good English, is a straight talker, and is always smiling!  He looks out for the little things, like ensuring you always have ice water and a cold towel, telling you the best places to take photographs, and managing to avoid all the crowds and tourist traps!

Soyean grew up around Siem Reap, and still lives there today with his family.  He used to be a chef, his favourite colour is black (hence the colour of this website and his tuktuk!), and he started his tuktuk business in early 2008.   His brother Kim Soryar runs a local tour service (and can arrange for guides, accommodation, transfer, etc if needed) and his brother-in-law Sonny drives a car.   Their mother owns a local well reviewed guesthouse called the Golden Mango (we saw it, but it was booked out during out visit).  So, obviously, looking after tourists is in his blood!

About the traveller who made this site...

That would be me!  Emily!  I’m an Australian who has lived and worked throughout South East Asia, and loves to travel.  Never before have I had such a good travel experience as with Soyean, which is why I’ve constructed this website.
I’m happy to try and answer other questions you may have about travelling to Cambodia (or other places in the region), although given this is not my day job, I can guarantee I won’t have all the answers.  However, I am certain that if you are lucky enough to visit Cambodia, you will come away in awe of its majesty, touched by the struggles of the recent past, and with a heart filled with compassion. 

And, maybe, just perhaps, Soyean and his brother Soryar can help to make your visit to Angkor Wat just that little bit extra!